Academics at Providence Classical School

Providence Classical School has brought the rich tradition of classical education back to Williamsburg.  Like other classical Christian schools throughout America, PCS is reviving the lost tools of learning. We offer students an opportunity to experience curriculum that is geared to helping them learn best at their stage of development. By teaching according to long-established classical methods, we impart a love of learning in our students that has most parents saying…”We wish we could go back to school here!”

We teach all of the traditional subjects, such as math, reading, writing, history, science, Bible and the arts, but we do it richly. There is a depth of learning experienced by our students that is remarked upon by parents and visitors alike. There is an emphasis on language and reading that fosters an appreciation of great literature and a command of English grammar. The early study of Latin (beginning in third grade) and Greek (beginning in ninth grade) help our students develop a sense of understanding that transcends mere grammar rules and opens the door to true understanding of languages, vocabulary across a breadth of disciplines, and links them to the great early works of civilization. The classical curriculum uses history taught chronologically as the backbone from which the other subjects flow in an integrated manner, so it makes sense to the students.  The classical approach is well-suited to students of all ages.

Yes, you will notice a difference in the way your student thinks, learns, reasons and responds!  We encourage you to learn more about our school, our curriculum, and the classical method.  Our doors are open for meetings and classroom observations. Come to meet our staff, and tell us about the needs of your child.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.